Giorgio FIORELLI Classic Fit Burgundy Paisley Tuxedo

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Size: 52R

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Experience a new level of sophistication with the Giorgio FIORELLI Classic Fit Burgundy Paisley Tuxedo. This exquisite piece of formalwear is a celebration of timeless style with a contemporary twist, designed to make you stand out on any formal occasion.

Classic Fit Elegance:

Tailored to perfection, the classic fit offers an impeccable balance of comfort and sophistication. It provides you with freedom of movement while ensuring you exude an aura of timeless charm.

Paisley Perfection:

The intricate burgundy paisley pattern adds a bold and distinctive element to your ensemble. Ideal for those who appreciate traditional style with a modern edge, the paisley design sets you apart and showcases your unique taste.

Customizable Shawl Collar:

The adjustable shawl collar grants you the flexibility to customize your look, allowing you to adapt your style to the event's requirements. Whether you choose classic or contemporary, this feature ensures your attire suits the occasion perfectly.

No-Pleat Elegance:

This tuxedo's no-pleat design embodies a clean and sleek aesthetic, demonstrating your commitment to an impeccable appearance and an eye for detail.

Super Fine Craftsmanship:

Every detail of this tuxedo reflects exceptional quality. Crafted with precision and care, it ensures you make a remarkable impression as a paragon of style.

Care and Maintenance:

To preserve its immaculate appearance, professional dry cleaning is recommended. Your investment in this tuxedo is an investment in your lasting elegance and sophistication.

The Giorgio FIORELLI Classic Fit Burgundy Paisley Tuxedo is a testament to your refined taste and confident style. With its classic fit, customizable shawl collar, and distinctive paisley pattern, it's your key to making a memorable and sophisticated statement at any formal event.